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‎Nexhmie Pajaziti Veliu‎Nexhmie Pajaziti VeliuPESA Driving School
Shpresa success and all the best!
‎Alice Picton‎ ‎Alice Picton‎ PESA Driving School
Amazing instructor! Got me passed in one week such a friendly woman and now a great friend of mine highly recommend! I love driving now! Thanks again 😘🚗
‎Jeffin Shoji‎ ‎Jeffin Shoji‎ PESA Driving School
My instructor, Shpresa, was very friendly and patient with me. She pays a lot of attention to detail. She gave me very clear, easy to understand, I was really confident going into my driving test and I passed first time! Thank you Shpresa!
‎Becky Sloane-brown‎Becky Sloane-brownPESA Driving School
Thank you so much for all you help and support I've PASSED!!😀
‎Xhejlane Maxhuni-Morina‎Xhejlane Maxhuni-MorinaPESA Driving School
Thank you to my amazing friend and instructor Shpresa for helping me pass my driving test. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You are a wonderful driving instructor and a pleasure to be with. I enjoyed my driving expirience. Thank you shpresa xx ❤💋💖

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