Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously here at PESA Driving School.


1.1 Personal Data

The data controller for this website is PESA Driving School. When submitting data it is sent directly to us. We do not share personal data including names, email addresses or telephone numbers with any third parties and will use any information submitted solely for the purpose of contacting you as requested regarding driving lessons. Access to data is limited to those who require that data in order to fulfill their duties. We may however share data with legal authorities to fulfill our obligations under United Kingdom law if required.

We process any Data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation while maintaining technical and organizational security measures sufficient to comply at least with the obligations imposed on us by the seventh data protection principle set out in the 1998 Act.


1.2 Cookies

We do not use ‘cookies’ on the website and we do not capture, use or store cookies with personal information about our visitors.

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