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Excellent driving school. Shpresa is a very supportive and encouraging teacher – my daughter went from no driving experience to passing first time with only a few minors. Thoroughly recommend, thank you

Katy Kerrane

So happy I drove and passed with Pesa! Adis was my instructor who was always on time, observant of my mistakes, helping me fix them and encouraged me to unlock my driving potential. I felt very relaxed and confident in driving with him. An exemplary teacher and a great service.

Mohammed Patel

Alba helped me very much after leaving my old instructor and made the transition very smooth which enabled me to pass first time. Thank you so much.



Pesa is a really professional driving center who is customer obsessed and delivers high standard driving lessons with high quality. My instructor Harris was reallu nice and gave me the confidence and the skills that helped me to pass the driving tesy smoothly. I really recommend PESA for anyone who is looking for passing the driving test with a stress free experience and enjoying the whole experience! Thank you

Muhamed Aly

Shpresa was my instructor, and I highly recommend her. She does her best to explain everything in every lesson. . She helped me to gain the confidence that I required in order to pass my driving test and drive safely.

she is friendly, patient and an amazing driving instructor.


So grateful for the lessons I had with Pesa! Brought my confidence up so much and reassured me to make sure I knew everything I needed to be safe on the road. Would definitely recommend them for your lessons!


I had Shpressa as my instructor, she was an amazing teacher and helped me gain the confidence to pass first time.


Kyle McLeavey

I highly recommend this company to anyone who’s looking for an instructor. Nothing but praise for the help and support I received. I’m very grateful to Adis, he is very calm, friendly, patient, support and gives very clear instructions. He explains everything well when you’re unsure about something and always makes sure that you’re okay. I enjoyed my experience very much. Would 1000% recommend for new drivers


Very happy with my instructor. Genuinely teaches you and makes you pass first time and a safe driver . Thank you .


Excellent, I would recommend flori!

Recently just passed with him Verry patient and would recommend to anyone .

Robert joyce

I had a few bad habits and was making small mistakes. After a few lessons with Flori I managed to address all my driving erros and work on new techniques. Thanks to his help, I passed my test on the first attempt with only one minor. He is super patient. With Flori, learning to drive felt more like cruising with a friend. His tips and tricks are gold, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thumbs up, Flori!

Mario Pajo

Shpresa is an absolutely amazing instructor. I would recommend her to anybody who is very nervous to drive because she is so understanding and patient. I passed my test first time with no minors all thanks to her. She is also very easy to get along with and talk to, it was very nice to look forward to my driving lessons because I knew that we would be able to have a laugh together.


It was honestly the best learner driving experience I could have wished for. I’ve taken 4 classes and I have my full driving license. Many thanks to Shepresa my instructor. I will recommend you to the world lol. Thanks

Anthony ilaya

Such good and understanding driving instructors. If when I made mistakes, they are always encouraging me to do better. Can’t recommend them enough. Thanks for helping me pass my test guys. If you ever need instructors to help you pass your test, flori and PESA are the ones:


Thanks to adis I really appreciate for his help he’s a good driving instructor I really recommend him to anyone that want to take they lessons with him


I would highly recommend PESA .

My driving instructor was Adis , he was very patient and friendly . He put me at ease.

I passed first time !!!

I can’t recommend Adis enough.


Honestly could not have asked for a better learner driver experience. 8 lessons and I am now a fully licensed driver. Massive thanks to my instructor Adis!


I feld very good with this instructor,she’s very patient and fast learning. Thank you!

Valentin Doloman

I came to Pesa with only 2 weeks until my driving test. With only a couple of months road experience I had a few bad habits and was making small silly mistakes. After 2 weeks of driving with Pesa we managed to flesh out all my driving mistakes and habits and worked on doing things a little different to how I was used to. I passed my test first time with only one minor. I would definitely recommend her for not just beginners but for those who have been driving before but needs extra tips and practice.

Daniel Ames

Absolutely over the moon with my teacher and my experience driving. Sphresa was so professional and kind. Cant believe I passed first time! I highly recommend her to anyone.

Laura Rodriguez

I would recommend Flori! I did a 10 hour crash course with him and passed my test first time. He is very calm, patient and supportive. I enjoyed my experience.


Flori is a really good driving instructor, really patient and helped me feel more confident with driving

Leah sharples

Flori was such a great teacher and helped me overcome my nerves for my test so i was able to pass first time with him. I would highly recommend!


Adis is an amazing instructor, he is very patient and made my driving experience very easy and enjoyable. He helped me become a confident and safe driver which helped me pass my test. I couldn’t recommend him enough!!

Once again thank you so much Adis!

Ropa Pswarayi

Thank you Pesa for your patience and support throughout our journey I couldn’t do it without you i am so thankful i have chosen Pesa Driving School to help me get my driving license amazing instructor very clear and explicit im grateful for everything.

Alexandra maldes

Absolutely thrilled with the results of my lessons with Pesa. In just 26 hours of lessons I was able to pass within my first attempt. Super friendly every lesson with informative instructions before, during and after every lesson, thus making sure I always improved from one lesson to the next. Overall a pleasant experience and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone else looking to pass as soon as possible.

Saadan Khan

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a big shoutout to Flori for making my driving lessons a breeze! He’s super patient and always has a way of calming my nerves. With Flori, learning to drive felt more like cruising with a friend. His tips and tricks are gold, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thumbs up, Flori!


I wanna say a big thank you to Pesa I had passed my test 1st time with only 3 minors. Honestly can’t recommend her enough after she was recommended to me. Pesa is such an amazing teacher who takes her time making sure you understand every lesson you are doing and wanting you to feel happy each lesson with progress made. She really focuses on your driving and making sure you are happy not trying to rush you at all but keeps you calm and positive throughout . When I’ve felt quite upset after my lesson if I’ve not done as good as I think I should have she lets you know that we’re all learning and they no need to feel upset, she knows how to cheer you up. She works really hard for her pupils and you can really see that with progress you makes. I so grateful I passed with Pesa and I am really gonna miss you her too but happy I’m no longer needing lessons.

Again a big thank you to Pesa!


Flori was my instructor and he was amazing with myself from the first lesson, he was patient and had belief in me. I highly recommend Flori. Thankyou

Harry Wood

I am very happy with my instructor, passed my driving test first time with him as my instructor. I appreciate pesa driving school

Mohammad Ibrahim

Flori is a great driving instructor for anyone looking to learn how to drive!!!! He is very patient and reliable.


Florim is an absolutely brilliant guy, very skilled teacher with a lot of knowledge, was an absolute joy from start to finish learning with him, thankyou again Florim

Ben Sheible

Flori is a great instructor and very understanding when I felt under pressure. He explained everything clearly and was very patient whenever I made an error. He helped me pass first time, would recommend to anyone.

Santiago Benavidez

Flori is an absolute lovely instructor, incredibly patient and unlike any other driving instructor I have ever had! Honestly wouldn’t recommend enough.

Summer Guest

An amazing driving instructor couldn’t have asked for any better! Supported me throughout the whole process and even when I doubted myself she was so positive! I wouldn’t have been able to pas without her🥰

Nicole brownrigg

Flori has been a huge help in ensuring I passed the test on my first attempt. He is calm and a comfortable presence when driving. I would be happy recommend Flori to anyone looking to book lessons.

Luke Brown

Fantastic instructor, always on time and supportive helped me to pass first time around

Malachi Price

Best 👌 instructor ever thank you Pesa it’s the best I’ve pass the first time with only one minor

Thank you bro

Ion-ionut munteanu

Best driving instructor in Bolton I joined Pesa half way through my lessons due to me not being able to do manual and she’s helped me overcome my worries and got me passed what I never thought I could do I really appreciate your time and effort you have put into teaching me and it’s all payed off this morning thank you so much Pesa couldn’t of done it without you see you on the road

Charlie Harris

Thank you so much to Flori, he gave me great advice and was always there when I needed help or guidance. He was always looking out for test dates for me and without him I would not have been able to pass so quick. See you on the road Flori

Elliott Peet

amazing instructor! i had Adis and he was brilliant. Thank you for sharing your experience with me and making me pass with 1 minor.

Alex Major

Flori is such a great person and even better teacher. Have learned many thinks from him and passed the test at first try. Will recommend him to everyone I know.


I recommend Pesa to anyone and everyone , the best instructor ever !!! Her tutoring skills is incredible and amazing , I passed my test on my first attempt with no minors atall.. thank you again Pesa


Thankyou for teaching me for the past few months. I wouldn’t have passed 1st time without you!

Thankyou again I would very much recommend


Although I have previous experience driving, we all know that the test requirements are different from every day driving. I failed my first test because I had not had any lessons at all. After I contacted Pesa I had driving lessons with Flori (about 4 hours total) and I was able to pass my test with no faults at all. Would definitely recommend Pesa as they have been very friendly, responsive and the lessons have been very helpful. Thanks a lot Pesa and instructor Flori!


Passed the driving test with 0 minors on the first attempt thanks to Flori. Couldn’t done it without him. His tips and lessons were on point and very useful. I cannot recommend enough PESA driving school.


Had a very good experience with Flori and he helped me pass my test. I’m very thankful for the experience and I recommend people to come to Flori to pass their test.

Giovanni Loureiro

Pesa was so helpful and patient. I never believed I could pass first time. I was so nervous, but she encouraged and boosted my confidence. She also gave constructive analysis. I am happy to say, I did pass first time. Thank you Pesa.


I learned in an automatic car, Shpresa is a very good teacher! I felt I was ready for my practical 4 months in.

I learned so quickly, the only thing that made we wait 6 months was the waiting list. I passed first time. Thank you very much for teaching me!


Thank you so much to my instructor Flori, he helped me pass my test first time with no problem and made the lesson enjoyable, wouldn’t ask for a better instructor he was great.

Haider Akram

I had an incredible experience with Pesa! She not only helped me pass my driving test 0 minors but also made the learning process enjoyable with her sense of humor. Her motivational approach kept me motivated and confident throughout the lessons. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Thank you Pesa for everything

Bilal abo mahmoud

Pesa is persistent and on point. She pushes you to hit your goal with encouragement. I failed my first test from a silly mistake of mine when the examiner intervened after edging forward at a traffic light, she supported and urged me to stay focus, which I managed to do. Guess what, I passed the next test with ZERO fault. I will recommend Pesa any day.

John Arthur

Adis was an amazing instructor, he was very friendly and helpful. I passed first time with only one minor. Thank you!!


Adis was a great instructor, believed in my abilities from the get go and really helped me pass my driving test with ease. Highly recommend.

Mustafa Khan

Flori coached me all the way to passing my practical first time with 0 minors, could not recommend this guy enough, he’s a proper laugh and will do a lot for you, genuinely cares about you passing

Kai Duxbury

Done an intensive 20hour course within a week passed. Helped me soo much and and explained everything in details. Supported me all the way through it.


I had Flori, it was my test today taking it for the second time and passed with 2 minors. After taking my test the first time and failing with no miniors i felt like i lost my confidence with driving and but flori was very patient considering i’m an very slow learner and went through anything i was struggling with.


Florim was a great instructor he was very understanding and great at explaining errors and correcting them


Fiori is an amazing instructor very reliable and patient. Would reccomend to everyone


Very good


Highly recommend. I was quite a nervous driver. I had lessons with both Flori and Shpresa, both were patient, friendly and reassuring! I passed first time too!! Thankyou both.


I have been lucky to have Pesa driving school, in my driving lesson journey. I would highly recommend Pesa as driving instructors, thankful to them for transforming me into a confident driver on the road.

I have passed my exam in first attempt and truly enjoyed entire experience of learning.

They are always neat and tidy, the instructor is very calm and patient and have excellent teaching skills.

They are the best, feeling grateful!


Fantastic instructor: I thought I would never pass my test but Pesa helped me identify and work on my weak areas and I passed first time!


Pesa is excellent on what she does, patience, easy to talk to , she helped me calming my nerves and gave all necessary techniques and tips to-improve my driving skill and be a safe driver, and o yes I did pass my test, can’t thank you enough Pesa

Thank you very much


Pesa is excellent on what she does, helped me calm my nerves, taught me all the necessary techniques to improve my driving skills and become a safe driver, yes I did pass my test thanks to Pesa, can’t thank you enough


Pesa is an amazing instructor! So kind and caring. I didn’t think passing my driving test would ever happen, but Pesa got me there. Lessons have all been informative, focusing on any aspect of driving that needed work, while ensuring I was also practising anything that I wanted too! Pesa was able to offer me regular weekly lessons which I had struggled to find in the past. She was always on time, and ensured I got my moneys worth. Communication was amazing always. I can’t thank Pesa enough for the help she has provided. Thank you so much!


I held my driving lessons with Flori. I felt very comfortable and during my lessons Flori helped me build confidence and believe in myself. He was very patient and after every mistake and lesson I had I always received a detailed feedback which leaded me to becoming a better driver and to pass my test.

I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone who is starting their first steps in driving..

Senad Kalaci

Senad Kalaci

Wow what an instructor honestly one of the best if not the greatest!!

I had 2 months of lessons with Flori, he was so patient and calm gave me all the best advice and tips before my test too and I passed first time!!

Highly recommend Pesa 100% if it wasn’t for these guys I wouldn’t have a licence.

Once again Thank You!!!!

Hamza Ali Khan

Pesa is very professional, friendly and supportive. I passed my test at first attempt thanks to her. I would recommend 100%


Pesa was brilliant. a consummate professional, she was patient and quickly honed in on what i needed to work on. She provided guidance and reassurance and was flexible in setting up lessons especially closer to the test, which i passed – largely due to remembering her feedback about both driving and managing my test anxiety. was very happy with my experience and would absolutely recommend her to everyone from beginners to people from abroad seeking a license here. Thank you very much, Pesa!

Ghada Hegazy

I started the intense course about 1 and a half months ago with Adis and he has been amazing teaching me! I passed and would highly recommend him to anyone!


Flo was my driving instructor and he was excellent. Explained things very well and progressed my skills in a very natural way. But most of all only put me in for my test when I was 100% ready which is why I passed first time.


I’ve had a couple of driving instructors over the past few years and was then recommended Pesa by family. I can truthfully say, she was the best instructor by a long shot! She was calm, proffessional, friendly and an excellent teacher. The lessons felt like a friend teaching me how to drive and I’m actually going to miss them!

Thank you so much Pesa 🤍


Having Flori as my instructor was a blast, really calm and very easy to learn from as he explains driving well. It was very enjoyable driving with him and I was able to pass using the tips and techniques he taught me. Thank you so much Pesa and Flori.

Aro Castello

Thank you to an amazing instructor, you are very helpful and patient explaining everything clearly and

I would highly recommend Pesa she is such a passionate driving instructor and excellent at her job.

Vian Ali

Flori was my instructor and throughout my time driving with him he always beloved in me and knew I had the ability to pass. I really enjoyed learning with you and thanks for everything

Cameron Delaney

I cannot thank enough for the patience and professionalism of this team Pesa and especially Flori, who patiently teach me. passed on the first attempt and I am so proud! I wish this team success in their future work, see you on the road 🙂


Pesa is an amazing teacher, and helpful. She helped me so much to pass my test after failing twice, I highly recommend her.



Best instructor


Thank you so much pesa, you’ve been absolutely amazing with me and so patient. i would recommend you to absolutely anyone! honestly the best! ❤️

cherstan lister

Florim was absolutely amazing and took great care while in our lessons I cannot recommend them enough.

Got me through my practical with a pass first time.

Amazing instructor

Jack Whatmough

Shpresa was an absolutely brilliant instructor. She was thorough with my training, gave me confidence, and also reassured me when I was nervous. Previous instructors told me I was test ready and I failed but after switching to Pesa, Shpresa showed me many things I was doing wrong and soon corrected them for me. I can’t thank this woman enough for me passing.


amazing instructor! i had florem and he was brilliant. if you are a learner definitely go with PESA! i passed with no minors, they are calm and teach you everything you need to know. brilliant and very happy with my lessons❤️


Pesa is a brilliant driving instructor, very patient and relaxed. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace.

Pesa helped me to pass my test at the first time and has made me a really confident driver.

Khansaa Almhimid

started my driving lessons straight after my 17th birthday. Flori was confident in my abilities and i passed my driving test first time 👍

Yestin Shakespear

I never doubted Florim competence, very patient, encouraging. Even when I failed he didn’t give up and he gave me the courage to take the exam again and I did it and wow I passed.


Thank you so much florim for pushing me harder, I couldn’t have done it without you


Pesa was an excellent instructor who was very patient with me even after the nerves got the best of me. I would highly recommend learning with pesa because she made my driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you!!

Dev patel

Passed first time with 2 minors with flori, who is a very patient and overall a great instructor, was with him for over a year and I am extremely grateful for his time and his lessons. Thankyou 🙂


Started my driving with 0 confidence and being nervous but thanks to Shpresa, very amazing instructor who constantly reassured me. I highly recommend Pesa driving school. I passed with one minor fault.


Thank you for the professional skills you shared with me, and for the patience attitude , regarding how stubborn and clumsy student I was .

I warmly recommend you to everyone , special to people with zero confidence. Both of you Flori and Pesa are great at your job!


I had Flori as my instructor for two months and he was absolutely fantastic. This was my 2nd attempt after a 6 month hiatus from driving after failing with another instructor. I cannot express enough how much he helped me greatly with my nerves when behind the wheel and encouraged me positively. He was very considerate, patient and supportive throughout the process. As a result, today I passed with and I cannot thank Flori enough for helping me become a better driver and for making me fall in love with driving!

I highly recommend Pesa Driving School and it’s definitely worth the money and the time!!

A Khan

Thank you so much for being Patience with me. So grateful to have pesa as my instructor she is lovely and calm and friendly.



Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. You were always helpful and encouraged me to do my best.



Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. You helped me stay calm before my test and your advice really helped me. Thank you.


Absolute gem 💎


Pesa is the best instructor, she is so kind and sweet, very patient and I passed the first time, I’m very happy. She is amazing, very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you Pesa for being a great teacher.


Excellent instructor was so patient with me past first time . Flori teaches me how to learn from my mistakes and to be confident I really recommend this instructor to anyone who wants to past time.

Alexis. Ngako

Alexis Ngako

Flori was my instructor. He was supportive, helpful, friendly and is amazing person.

Thank you for everything. I highly recommend Pesa.


Pesa was the most patient and amazing instructor.

Couldn’t have done this without her.



I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me.

Because of your guidance I’ve passed my practical.

Thanks and God bless you.


Big thankyou for my instructor flori for help pass my test first time ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emilian Fodor

Brilliant instructors. I Would highly recommend Pesa as a driving instructors to anyone looking for driving lessons. Florim was patient and provided enough information when I was not confident in the road. He made me feel comfortable from the very first lesson, taught me everything I needed to know. The detailed feedback he sent to me after each lesson was really helpful so I knew what areas I needed to work on. All round great instructor.

Edison Tomani

Brilliant instructor. I Would highly recommend Pesa as a driving instructor to anyone looking for driving lessons. Florim was patient and provided enough information when I was not confident in the road. He made me feel comfortable from the very first lesson, taught me everything I needed to know. The detailed feedback he sent to me after each lesson was really helpful so I knew what areas I needed to work on. All round great instructor.

Edison Tomani

The instructors were really professional, punctual and friendly. Thank you so much


Pesa was the best driving instructor I could have asked for. She worked extremely hard to teach me to drive from scratch with confidence. Without her I wouldn’t have passed first time. Thanks Pesa xx

Emily Holt

Shpresa is one of the best instructor she has helped me so much to pass my driving test. I would recommend everyone to join.


Pesa really put me at ease from the first lesson. I commend how supportive and knowledgeable she was. Very focused and determined to see you be a success at driving confidently. Went above and beyond in every lesson and always did her best when it came to flexibility. Passed first time with Pesa and I cannot explain how grateful I am to have met her and finally get my pass certificate! Highly recommend.


100% the nicest guy ive ever had to work with in my life. He really understands what it is to drive and i can confidently say that id even want to go out n have dinner with him sometime. Great man, looking forward to see what you make of PESA

Ali A

Very professional and yet flexible. The instructors were really patient and detailed. Thank you Pesa.

Ololade Olajide

big thankyou to flori for being an amazing instructor and helping me in passing first time. was extremely flexible around my university placement and made me feel at ease. 100% recommend!


Florim is a great instructor who is very supportive and knowledgeable. He massively helped me to pass and was able to accommodate switching test dates so I could pass sooner.

Thanks you for all your help and I would definitely recommend you to others.


Managed to pass my driving test 1st time with 0 faults thanks to Flori, he is a great teacher and very patient. Which I think is exactly what you want when you are learning to drive, thanks Flo!

Brandon Bond

Pesa helped me so much from not knowing how to drive to being able to pass my test, she even was able to adjust to my work schedule which was such an advantage and Explained everything in such detail.

Thank you so much


Great guy who really knows how to teach and fantastic service

Abdali Khan

Im so happy i passed first time Florin is the best instructor very helpful and so calm thank you so much

Laszlo Foldesi

I’ve just my driving the first time. I had great instructor, who was patient and provided enough information when I was not confident in the road! Thanks fio

Mohamed Ibrahim

Thank you so much Pesa, Very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I had and stayed calm throughout teaching which was reassuring. Passed no faults!


Thank you Florim for helping me achieve success in my first attempt. The only instructor I’ve had and the best one in my opinion. He is very friendly and understanding.

Hasnain Khuram

I am very lucky to have Flori as my instructor. He helped me a lot during the driving lessons, very patient and good at explaining. Thank you for all the help.



Passed my test with pesa as my instructor. Definitely recommend her as she helped me with my nerves and was just an excellent instructor!


Pesa is a very good instructor very kind and very good at teaching. Highly recommend.


Passed 1st time with no minors thanks to Florim, had a few different instructors over the years and it’s safe to say he is by far the best one! Not just a great instructor but also a great person made this experience so much easier for me, thankyou for everything it was such a pleasure


Appreciate it flori great instructor , you make your driver feel relax( and believe in themselves).

You explain things easily to be understood and your Always flexible with timetable and care a lot about your drivers on them passing😊👊🏾🙌🏾

Cindy ngamba

Flori was the best instructor I could have asked for! I never thought I’d pass first time with only a couple weeks of lessons but Flori made sure to go over anything I was unsure on as many times as I needed to be confident on the area.

I have already recommended to friends and family that are wanting to do lessons!

Thankyou so much Flori 🙂


Best instructor! Thank you Flori for being so patient with me, you are a great guy and an amazing teacher!

Victoria Kostika

Brilliant instructor. Very encouraging, helpful, and overall very friendly. Teaching skills are excellent and I wouldn’t recommend any other instructor

Patryk Torzewski

A big thank you to my amazing instructor Pesa! She is super friendly, patient,a good motivator and has excellent quality of teaching ! I will be recommending Pesa to all my friends.


Best instructor ive ever seen always on time very patient and professional


Pesa is a great instructor very patient and encouraging, I couldn’t recommend her enough.😊


Amazing instructor, very motivational and easy to learn from. Passed first time


Flori is a great driving and great guy,, would highly recommend


Very pleased with Flori’s way of teaching. A very calm, committed and patient instructor. Would definitely recommend him for a safe and positive driving experience !


Very good teacher passed first time!

Aamir Javid

Had an amazing instructor, that was friendly and understanding. As well as having the best experience learning how to drive. Thank you so much Flori.


I would most definitely recommend pesa driving school. Thank you Florim for helping through this wonderful experience. He takes care with his students and teaches them in the best possible way.


MR FLORI is fantastic, he’s very patient and informative. He’s also very easy to talk to and would recommend to anyone.


If i could give more than 5 star i would! Passed yesterday with Flori , which is an amazing instructor. Flori has plenty of patience and will never let you down, amazing teaching skills. Flori buildup my confidence and made me a driver🚗. I recommend it 💯.


Amazing instructor very patient and helpful. Gave me confidence to drive safely and efficiently which resulted in me passing first time. I am very pleased i could not recommend Pesa enough. Thank you 🙂


Pesa is a great driving instructor. I passed first time because of Pesa helping me correct a lot of my mistakes. I would definitely recommend to anyone else. She is a really nice person and a great instructor.

Aamir Dalal

ABSOLUTLEY fantastic driving school, florim taught me everything I needed to know, passed FIRST time. Thankyou for everything!!

Callum Mcleavey



Matilda sela

I passed my driving test with Pesa Driving School . Highly recommended!


I passed first time with Flori and I was doubting myself all the way through after a rough experience with a previous instructor and then I passed with only one minor!! He is patient and helps you concentrate and understands where your anxiety is and works on it with you until you are perfect. Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended.


First time pass! Honestly couldnt recommend anyone more than flori, he’s so relaxed and patient aswell as being professional at the same time. Usually people say they’re nervous on the test but for me that wasn’t the case, with the help from flori he’s really good at recognising your faults and bad habits. Thank you so much flori was a pleasure learning for the best

Josh Farrell

Thank you Flori, you are a great and fabulous instructor, you make me feel confident enough and I was able to pick up every bit of what you taught me. Keep up the good work lad 👍🏿


Overall rating 5 star. I fully enjoyed the experience with Flori, he helped me through everything from scratch and I was able to pass first time thanks to him.


Flori was a amazing instructor who helped me and taught me all the necessary techniques to passed my driving test.


I have just past my driving with Flori absolutely fantastic instructor very good to learn from and would recommend to anyone wanting to pass there driving test

Adam Johnston

Thank Flori. for the patient and support. I couldn’t pass during this difficult time without your help. I highly recommend him.

Quang Nguyen

Just passed my driving today and im really happy with the whole experience i had with Pesa!! Shes a really calm and patient instructor loved taking my lessons with her.

Acsa Raja

Such an amazing instructor, so patient and really motivating! 100% recommend to anyone and everyone!


Flori and Pesa are amazing instructors. I feel that they have thought me everything necessary and more to drive safely – not just to pass the test. I highly recommend both of them.


Thanks to Shpresa I was able to pass my practical test after 4 to 5 years… at this point I had change instructors about 4 times and had really low self-esteem but was unwilling to stop trying.

After 2 to 3 months of taking lessons from her, I passed!!! She is hands down one of the best instructors I have even be bless to take lessons with!

Thanks you!!!


Big thank you to Flori and Pesa Driving School for helping me to pass my test first time! 5/5!!

Daniel M’bolo

Excellent driving instructor, I enjoyed all the lessons, I strongly recommend!


I’ve had a great experience learning with Flori. He makes you feel comfortable and is patient. He made sure he explained everything properly, resulting in a pass on my first try with only two minors.

Strongly recommend! Thank you Flori

Blerim Hyseni

Flori is a great instructor and was very patient with me the whole time. I was struggling driving with a past instructor for a while before I had flori who made me more positive and confident when driving. Highly recommend thank you again.

Kaci Hewitt

I passed my driving test today and that too in first attempt. I had good few lessons with other instructors before starting with Flori. Flori had been very thorough and professional to correct my mistakes and bad driving habits. He didn’t treated me just as another customer but did everything possible to accommodate me – due to my work schedule, worked with me and made me feel more confident. His approach from beginning till the test hour had been very calm and focused. From reference points to general judgement on the move, from straight roads to complex & scattered junctions, he applies his unmatchable skillset to get you through the driving test. If you are a beginner or have some experience but not confident or reapplying for your licence, I sincerely and highly recommend Flori.

Khurram Khan

I had my lessons with Flori and he was so calm and patient. i passed first time and i couldn’t of done it without him! Thankyou for everything!

Emily Cheston

So happy , flori was amazing and I really recommend him .Past first time because of him .


Flori was a great instructor passed extended driving test first time. very informative and covers every aspect of driving which anables you to breeze through your test with ease.

Alex Turner

Passed today no faults with flori brilliant instructor highly recommend

Zach peacock

Dedication, commitment and excellent value for money. Highly recommend this Instructor. Wouldn’t have passed without him. Really helped me out and makes the lessons entertaining.

Kasim khan

Thanks to flori I passed first time and was really confident going in my test as he taught me very well, I would highly recommend doing your lessons with him!!!

Diar Nika

Highly recommend, amazing instructors! passed first time 0 faults.

Paige Haslam

thanks to Flori for helping me pass my driving test! He has been an amazing instructor with lots of patience and quality teaching and that has helped me a lot. Thank you once again!

Jose Martinho

I would highly recommended Pesa Driving School to everyone that wants to learn how to drive and pass. Thank you so much Mr.flori for helping me pass today first time with 3 minors, Thanks again Mr Flori Adi

Xhuliano Krimce

The best car instructor

Thank you Flori Adi

Sulak Inwilai

Thanks to PESA my driving instructor I passed the driving test first attempt.She was really professional and very supportive from beginning to end.I would highly recommend PESA to anyone looking to take driving lessons. Thanks for helping me get that pass 🙂🙂

Col Dervishi

I am delighted to say that Pesa taught me a Lot. i took lessons of many other instructors before hand but failed a couple of time which reduced my confidence level

so I decided to take a lesson of Pesa and I was so happy with her friendly attitude towards me and every lesson I had with her she would boost up my confidence and helped me every time I made a mistake. she was very welcoming and humble to me and I would definitely recomend her to you if you want to pass in your first attempt because I passed on my first attempt since I was with her x

Sobia Yasir

I had Flori as my instructor and I have nothing but praise and nice things to say. Thanks for all the amazing help and support that I received! Such a perfect service and experience. I’ve passed first time and I can recommend Flori to anyone

Rilind Muho

Only Pesa can do this. Driving over 20 years and had so many bad habits that are now in past tense for a reason!!

Thank you for your professional support, patience and knowledge!!

Past my ADI part 2 first time thanks to Pesa!!

Amazing ADI and amazing person too!!!

Ivana Zecevic

Flori was a great instructor: helpful, communicative and very good with tips about test routes and technique. Was very attentive and made sure I was focussed. Thanks to him I passed FIRST TIME!!

Elvis Kara

Pesa was the best instructor I could wish for!!))I honestly believe without her patience and fantastic teaching skills I would not have passed first time. She gave me loads of confidence.I really enjoyed our lessons and would definitely recommend her

Ekaterina Babicheva

well what can I say pesa is a 6/5 instructor ! I have had 5 failed tests with previous instructor changed to pesa and passed first attempt with her !!!! such a passionate driving instructor and excellent at her job ! will definitely recommend to others !!! thank you so much for your dedication and patience could not have done it without you ❤💙😀

Leah Walker

Shpresa was excellent at controlling my nerves, boosting my confidence and bring the best out of me. I was unsuccessful for three times with my previous instructor. With shpresa passed first time. Shpresa was arranged all my lessons around my kids and work. Thank you so much Shpresa I can’t thank you enough.

Alfana Memon

Flori really couldnt have been a better driving instructor. Patient, thorough and helped me through from beggining to end with no problems. I cant give 6 stars or I would!

Alexander Dean

The best driving instructor. Always was so patient with me and gave me all the time i needed. Very thankful and i will be recommending her friends x

Nicole Callan

Tom passed 1st time last week – would absolutely recommend this driving school!

Zoey Ball

Pesa is disciplined but chilled at the same time. Felt completely comfortable being taught by her. Made me feel super confident in my driving. Passed first time with under 20 lessons! Definitely recommend her! Her Mercedes is pretty slick too😉

Zulekha Hussain

It’s nice school with very good and professional instructors I have passed it in first time fantastic behaviour of teaching thanks to you lads .

Nayaz Mohammad

Flori made learning to drive fun, relaxed and easy, can’t recommend him enough. Thanks Flori!!

Jaime Sharp

Pesa was brilliant from the start always calm very reassuring and made me feel at ease Never made me panick very happy to have had a such a good instructor she had me passed in no time

Tom Shaw

Excellent driving instructor, friendly, polite, makes the whole experience very enjoyable and mainly takes pride in getting you passed. Thanks again pesa I couldn’t be happier �� highly recommended.

Heath Ainscow

Brilliant instructor! I highly recommend Presa. She’s reliable, organised and most of all really wants you to pass!

Du'a Najib

Very helpful and excellent teaching and I learnt a lot , thanks Pesa �

Millenic Alli

Absolutely the best instructor ever! Genuinely had the best experience. I’ve had 3 different driving instructors and this was the best intructor without a doubt! Brilliant teacher, very calm, patient and motivational. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. In my experience When we sign up to these massive driving companies they don’t really care about their student, but PESA really do and they look after you untill you pass your test. If you are thinking of taking lessons and you found PESA, don’t think twice!

Good luck 😊

Ihsaan Hassen

Thank you so much pesa for helping me achieve my pass today. You kept believing in me and encouraging me to keep calm and everything else would take care of its self which resulted in my pass today. I will be recommending you to any family/friends that are looking to take lessons. Thank you so much again buzzing isn’t the word � top job

Lee Moore

Its been ages since I drove manual car.So I thought I can never pass a manual car test in UK. But I ended up passing the test with only 2 faults and It has happened because of 2 people,Pesa and Nabeel Sajjad.Nabeel with whom I started learning to drive in UK and with Pesa I managed to drive the manual car.With only her encouragement I did the manual car test.

Pesa is a really competent instructor.She is very encouraging and friendly.Her teaching method definitely works. With her help, I have really improved my driving overall.I definitely recommend her.

Thankyou a gazillion times.Thankyou so much.May God bless you ���

Hina Abbas

Shpressa is an awesome instructor very professional, friendly, strict and patient with loads of teaching expertise, she really helped me pass my test first time in just 4weeks and I couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor. Nice one love!

Davis Zlabys

I had shpresa definitely recommend her to any of my friends and to anyone who need a driving instructor! Couldn’t of done it without her, her advice is stop on👌

Izaak Dickinson

Flori was my instructor and he is such an amazing guy. He taught me all the things needed to pass the test as well as being a safe driver afterwards. He is so good and he makes corrections nicely. He was confident that I was going to pass and that alone helped me during the test. I will recommend him a million times. Thank you very much.

Opeyemi Adeyemo Opaleye

Very good teaching passed first time . She was really nice and helped me pass

Rohan Raja

Pesa is a great Instructor . Very thorough and easy to understand in her explanation in various situations. Very kind and nice to talk to and keeps calm regardless of how many mistakes you make. Having had previous instructors Pesa is the one I would highly recommend for any new drivers as she aided me in passing first time

Thank you Pesa !

Enoch Foakye

I did an intensive course with Pesa and she is a great instructor. Very patient and explains everything clearly. I felt at ease and supported every step of the way. I appreciate all the help and tuition I received as I worked towards passing my test. Thank you! I would definitely recommend and its well worth the money

Laura Byron

Flori was my instructor and he was very helpful and understanding. He made sure i know everything I should and it was easy to learn things with him. He is very friendly and I recommend him to everyone who would like to learn fast and easy.

Zsolt Jovanovics

Pesa is an amazing driving instructor that I have known and no one can compare to her professionalism, kindness and patience. She has the best tips and advice when it comes to driving and has never got angry despite the amount of mistakes I made although she does have the most dangerous eyes. She’s great fun to chat to and is so relatable making my experience better than I imagined. She has never let me down and has always made it through no matter what the conditions. I highly recommend her to everyone and she is perfect if you want to gain a great friendship. Thank u and love you loads pesa for helping me pass x.

Tabasum Fakhari

Flori was my instructor and from the first day he had that belief in me that I never even had. He has a way of steering your thoughts in a positive way and learning with him was not only enjoyable but very insightful.

I will not hesitate to recommend Flori any day and anytime.

Chris Eze

Excellent teacher. Was so patient with me despite being constantly awful at taking corrections. Unbelievably patient and lovely lady. Absolutely no regrets. Passed within few weeks. In the moon right now…Thanks. God bless you

Kaka Saheed Abiola

Pesa helped me pass my test in just under 10 weeks, she was very calm and is a very good teacher and I would recommended her to anyone, nice one pesa �

Tejay Mistry

Pesa is an amazing teacher, and very friendly and helpful. She helped me pass my test after failing once already, and I’m so grateful to her.

Gee Berree

Dedication, commitment and excellent value for money. Highly recommend this Instructor.

Jay Patel

Thank you Pesa. I did failed two times before, after I changed with her and just a few lessons I passed ���. Extremely recommend her to everyone!

Miu Li

So happy to have Pesa as my instructor, she is perfect. I managed my nerves well thanks to her and she taught me all the necessary techniques to pass my driving test and be safe driver. Once again thank you so much Pesa xx

Sibel Carter

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